Jet Mobile

Jet Mobile is a Mobile Browser Application for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM (Mobile and Tablet devices).

Jet Mobile is now available as a Lite (free) and Pro (commercial) versions. Jet Mobile lets your mobile users view, create, and modify your existing data in SugarCRM by using a web-enabled mobile device with an Web browser. Jet Mobile supports all the customization and multi-tenant capabilities that are included in SugarCRM.

No user limitation



ECalendar is a cool gadget which improves all abilities of using the Calender withing the SugarCRM system. Dragable Calls and Meetings – easy way to make rescheduling. Scheduling Meetings and logging Calls now proceeds very fast and easy without going by pages.  Save you time with recurrent creation of the items, not need to put a lots of similar items  each time.

This module has become the project of the month on Sugar Forge. The new Calendar in SugarCRM (since 6.4.0) is based on this module and was contributed for Sugar by our company.

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Editable DetailView

This module makes DetailView editable. Just doubleclick on a field and edit it. A saving runs very very fast. Lite version allows you to edit only Accounts and Contacts directly from DetailView.

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Invoices Module

Invoice generator for SugarCRM. Allows to export generated invoice as PDF file, send with email, add a discounting and a taxing. Two modes available: Item Price and Hourly Rate.

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“SimpleChat” module is an easiest way to communicate within SugarCRM! With “Simple Chat” you can communicate with each user within the SugarCRM system. It stores user communication history and has public and private types of messages.

This module have a lot of abilities for enhancements – one of them is chat between the guest from you website and your manager.

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Workroom is an easy to use relationship viewer for SugarCRM. View accounts, contacts, calls, meetings and tasks and how they relate to each other. See all activities of your chosen company or contact on one screen and switch easily to edit or detail view.

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Ukrainian Language Pack

Ukrainian Translation for SugarCRM.

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